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Insurance Protects Kenya's Hearders

Insurance protects Kenya’s herders during drought

Kenya Is On Call for Mobile Crowdsourcing

Cellphone entrepreneur Nathan Eagle has most of Kenya on call, waiting for a small job. Millions of them, in fact.

Would You Invest in This Kid?

In 2002, a 14-year-old Malawi boy named William Kamkwamba built a windmill using items he collected from a scrap yard to power the electrical appliances in his family home. He did it through sheer ingenuity, without any formal training. His windmill made him famous, and he has since traveled all over the world speaking at leadership conferences. But one thing hasn’t happened for William Kamkwamba: Investors have not given him money to build more windmills and extend that electricity to his neighbors, and the entire village.

In Africa, A Pigeon Transfers Data Faster Than The Internet

 A South African information technology company on Wednesday proved it was faster for them to transmit data with a carrier pigeon than to send it using Telkom, the country’s leading internet service provider.

Forestry Balances Profit and Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

*Forestry Balances Profit and Conservation in the Pacific Northwest*<> *by Brent Davies* Ecological forestry manages forests for the full range of services—including wildlife habitat, clean water, carbon sequestration, and timber—they provide. It offers a sustainable way forward for the forest products industry, but first we must explore the market innovations that can make good forestry profitable.

Commongood Careers: Smart Investments in Human Capital

The report explores a range of investments that impact the way organizations recruit, develop and retain their people, as well as a set of recommendations to help leaders determine, implement and measure the right set of investments for their organizations.

Rethinking Poverty and the Role of Business and Government: An Interview with Aneel Karnani

"The central issue in reducing poverty is creating jobs. If you ask a poor person, what do you wish for? They say, get me a job. So all our efforts have to focus on creating jobs. The primary engine of job creation is business."

Sports and Development: Story of Sammy Wanjiru

"Sammy Wanjiru became an example of a more direct form of development through sports. Indeed, there are decidedly concrete benefits for communities when one of their own breaks through. Kenyan runners regularly remit winnings to their families, or, like Sammy, build schools, build apartment buildings, and buy meals for the neighbors. Even lower-tier runners can craft a sustainable living — a significant fact in a country where there are not enough jobs."

FAO: Global Review of Forestry Out-grower Schemes (2001)

Seems worth reading, integrating relevant info into b-plan/wiki: ftp://ftp.fao.org/docrep/fao/006/ac131e/ac131e00.pdf

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